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Omaha Landscape Lighting 2020
Omaha Landscape Art, Hardscape, and Lighting
Bubbling Rock Water Feature
Boulder Water Feature
  • Expand your nighttime living space
  • Enhance Architectural Details
  • Increased Home Safety
  • Safe Walkways and Steps
  • Professional Design
  • Affordable LED Products

Thousands of dollars are spent on landscaping, only to have it disappear when night falls.  Priority Landscape Construction wants to enhance your investment with lighting!
Since every home and landscape is different, it is our effort to “illuminate your ideas” through a guided process.

We start with a consultation. This is our chance to get to know you, your property, and the way we can make the most of it. Using this information we will incorporate different techniques to accomplish our goal of a great design. Silhouetting, Uplighting, Downlighting, Pathlighting, and Moonlighting are the foundation. From there, we will add depth, shape, and texture to the design.

Together we will have designed a functional yet elegant landscape lighting system!