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Annual Sprinkler System Program – Silver Package

$135.00 $120.00

Annual Sprinkler System Program – Silver Package

  • Save big $$$ by pre-paying the season
  • Keep you sprinkler system running efficiently all season
  • Includes System Start-Up, Evaluation, and Winterization

After Purchase we will call and schedule visit.


Silver Package $120 when you pre-pay.  $135 regular price

  1. Spring Start-ups Include a 35 point inspection during a complete run-through and diagnosis of existing sprinkler system, adjusting heads, and programing the controller for the current watering needs.
  2. Fall Winterization: Includes a complete shut off and draining of all lawn sprinkler heads, backflow, and irrigation piping using a high air pressure blow-out.  In Nebraska we recommend to schedule this service in early October to protect your system from freeze damage.


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