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Sprinkler Service Call


Sprinkler Service Call

  • $75
  • Includes 35 point inspection
  • Head adjustments and controller programming included

$20 for every 15 min of service work.  



Sprinkler System Service Checks

Starting at $75. 

We recommend at least 1 service check during the summer to ensure an efficient sprinkler system. Many systems run very early in the morning and usually a broken head is not spotted until it’s too late!  Service includes a 35 point inspection will be performed along with head adjustments and controller programming. 

Pricing example:

Example:  Replace 4 sprinkler heads and 1 leak.  This service should take 45 min.  $75 (diagnose issues) + $60 (additional labor) + $50 part.  $185 Total.


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